'Sound walls' going up along Loop 375 in East El Paso

Sound walls to help reduce traffic noise in East El Paso

Construction along Loop 375 may be causing slowdowns for drivers, but when the project is complete it is expected to reduce noise levels for nearby neighborhoods.

The Texas Department of Transportation is building what it calls sound walls along the southbound lanes of Loop 375 to help drown out the sound of traffic for residents who live along the busy highway.

The $4.5 million dollar project is underway after TXDOT added expanded Loop 375.

Sound walls are considered when neighborhoods are in close proximity to busy highways that are undergoing construction that will likely lead to heavier traffic flows, according to TXDOT spokeswoman Jennifer Wright.

The concrete sound walls are being built from Montana to Edgemere and Vista Del Sol to Pellicano along Loop 375 south.

The walls are only going up along the southbound lanes because there are less residential areas and more businesses and empty lots along the northbound lanes.

"When we make that determination that there could be a decibel level increase, we poll the residents who will be affected," Wright said.

Wright said the concrete walls will only go up in those areas because resdients voted for them.

Residents are given ballots and they have to vote for or against the sound walls.

Construction is expected to be complete in June.


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