UTEP Women's Basketball Team Trains at El Paso Fight Club

Team Building Through Fight Training


UTEP's Women's Basketball Team is used to throwing up shots, but in a effort to build team chemistry Saturday, they threw up some haymakers. 

Saturday morning, the Lady Miners took a team trip to the El Paso to go through an intense training session with the Fight Club staff, working on cardio, footwork, and upper body strength training. 

The team has yet to step foot on a basketball court this summer for workouts, but saw the training session as a way to develop strength for the upcoming season and surround themselves in a team competitive atmosphere.

The Miners are looking to improve on their 9-22 record from last year. And entering a season with plenty of optimism, the added team chemistry can only help.

"We've brought in some talented players, and the players that we brought from injury from last year that are returning." said coach Kevin Baker, entering his third season as Miners head coach. "So we've got every reason in the world to be excited about the upcoming season. I'm really excited about it, we haven't practiced, we haven't dribbled one ball together, We're doing this together and hopefully, this will help." 

In addition to team chemistry, the strength workouts will also help with their athleticism on the court, just like with any other sport.

El Paso Fight Club Trainer Herman Delgado sees a multitude of ways it can impact their game. 

"The shoulders and the waist and the movement when they have to twist. The pivoting and all that, the legs, and the hips. It works everything. Just like in football and any other sport." 

The El Paso Fight Club is located at 841 Dulcinea CT in West El Paso.   

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