Rice files official inquiry on ending of UTEP basketball game

Rice files inquiry on ending of game

El Paso, Texas - After a crazy ending to a great game it seems Rice isn't letting it go.

With .6 seconds on the game clock UTEP found themselves down 64 to 63 to the Owls.

The inbound pass was thrown in the direction of Jordan Lathon who grabbed it after bouncing once.

He turned around and shot.

The ball went through the hoop and into UTEP lore.

The next day when Rice officials had some time to process the game they decided to file an official inquiry into the ending of the game.

Joe Karlgaard, Rice Director of Athletics, told Mark Berman of Houston's Fox 26 the following regarding the end of the game:

"Looking at the video we have some questions about the timing of the last two plays. There may be some explanation for it. I sure can't think of one"

He also said he's not expecting the ruling to be overturned, but he still wants to hear from the conference. 

"I don't think I have ever seen a conference office overturn the outcome of a game, but certainly if a mistake was made, an acknowledgement that it was and some sort of corrective action to make sure that it doesn't happen again."

I reached out to UTEP Basketball today and they said they had no comment and they were just focusing on UAB.

I also spoke to UTEP's Athletic Director Jim Senter, he said he does not comment on C-USA officiating and if Rice wants to file an inquiry that is their prerogative.

We will see where this goes. Trevor Thompson will have more on this tomorrow.

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