Franklin High student injured in DWI wreck remains hospitalized

James McClainGreen is still in the hospital

El Paso, Texas - Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018 changed the McClain-Green family for life.
Star football player and state champion wrestler James McClain-Green was involved in a crash that left him in the intensive care unit fighting for his life.
The Franklin Cougar star athlete and his football team had just beaten Midland in the state playoffs.   
It was his senior year and the wrestling season was just around the corner.
Then it happened.  
The rollover crash sent Green to the emergency room.
7 surgeries later and the young fighter remains hospitalized.
James has spent Thanksgiving, Christmas and the beginning of 2019 in the hospital.
ABC-7's Wil Herren has been in contact with the Green family, telling him it has already been 50 days.
Wil spoke with James' father who wanted ABC-7 viewers to know that James will be undergoing his 8th surgery Monday, Jan. 7.
James' father says it's a minor procedure, but still asks for prayers and good thoughts.


If you would like to donate the Green family with the medical bills that have been adding up, this is their gofundme link.

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