David Telas discusses new role as El Dorado head football coach

David Telas takes over at El Dorado

It's not easy to take over a high school football program when you have months to prepare for a new season. 

So, needless to say, it's no enviable task to prepare for a new season in a few short weeks. 

But that's the task ahead of David Telas, El Dorado's new head football coach and athletic coordinator. 

Telas takes over for former coach Ruben Torres, who was removed from the position following a DWI arrest last month. 

Telas, a former Horizon head coach and Montwood assistant, was only officially named El Dorado's head coach one week ago.  That means he will have had about six weeks at El Dorado under his belt when the Aztecs open their season on Aug. 30 at the SAC against Pebble Hills. 

However, Telas says his goal isn't to implement vast changes, but to keep the Aztecs on their current path of success. 

"What I mentioned to everybody is I'm not coming in here to make major changes," he said. "Why would I?  I mean, there is just so much momentum going on with this program and the success that they've had over these few years."

The Aztecs have clinched at least a share of the 1-6A district title in each of the past three seasons. 

In addition to hiring a new head coach, the Aztecs are also dropping down to Class 5A - yet another change they'll have to get used to quickly.  

While some expect El Dorado and Eastwood, which is also dropping down, to dominate, Telas says it won't be that simple in year one. 

But he wants his players to focus less on the changes they've seen in the offseason, and more on what they can do to be their best. 

"Business as usual," said Telas. "That's what I told the kids the first time I met them.  You know, we're not going to make major changes.  The way they've been working in the weight room is what they're expected to able to do.  All I'm gonna try to do is help this program to grow."

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