West El Paso drivers brace themselves for I-10 traffic closures

Westside drivers brace themselves for I-10 traffic closures

EL PASO, Texas - West side residents are bracing themselves.

The Texas Department of Transportation will be shutting off a portion of the I-10 for 26 hours.

TXDOT says the closure is for demolition of the west bound Paisano Dive bridge over I-10.

Beginning Sunday at 3 a.m. I-10 east between the Sunland Park Drive overpass and the Executive Center Boulevard over pass will be completely closed.

At the same, time two left lanes on I-10 west between Executive Center Boulevard and the Sunland Park exit will be closed.

TXDOT will reopen the lanes Monday morning at 5 a.m.

TXDOT will be detouring the traffic through Mesa Street, and drivers are already preparing to avoid the traffic mess altogether.

"I'm going to stay home," said one west El Paso driver. "I'm not getting out because, right now, Mesa going to my house takes hour; an hour and a half if I'm coming from downtown."

For some, it's an inconvenience that affects their jobs.

"That's not going to be very exciting because I actually have to work, and I work over here, so it's going to delay everything," said another frustrated driver.

And with all the traffic exiting at Sunland Park Drive many who live in the area say it's become a problem.

"You start seeing a lot of semis and a lot of vehicles you typically wouldn't see on that road," Guillaume Vetaux said.

John-Michael Blowe lives a block away from Sunland Park Drive.

He tells ABC-7 that traffic heading to Mesa Street from Sunland Park Drive can be a nightmare.

"On a usual day it will take about 30 seconds, but on a day like that, it can take 20 minutes," Blowe said.

Lillie Ponikvar tells ABC-7 that it's not just the traffic they have to deal with.

"It's also a noise issue since our houses border Sunland Park," Ponikvar said.

She says even though it's noisy, she finds herself staying indoors and away from the traffic; something she's ready to do on Sunday.

"It's not pleasant, You kind of find a way to stay in your house," Ponikvar said.

Next Sunday at the same time, I-10 west will be closed between the Sunland Park exit ramp and the Sunland Park entrance ramp.

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