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Disturbing viral video shows woman ejected, dangling off Juárez amusement ride

Ciudad Juárez, Mexico - A viral video described by internet posters as "horrific" and "alarming" shows a woman trying to hang on after falling out of her seat while suspended upside down on an illegal amusement ride at a Ciudad Juárez carnival.

After being ejected and left dangling from the pendulum-style ride, the video — which surfaced online earlier this week — also shows her seemingly being hit by a rotating gondola on the ride.

The woman reportedly walked away from the incident on June 14 in Plaza las Antenas without any serious injuries.

The video of the incident has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times since being posted on YouTube and shared on other social media outlets.

Juárez Mayor Armando Cabada confirmed in a Facebook post that the ride was "operating clandestinely and without any operating permit."

The mayor also posted photos of the troubled and now shuttered ride, which showed what appeared to be a frayed metal chain that is designed to hold riders in their seats.

This is not the first time an amusement ride has gone awry in the Borderland — and on at least one prior occasion it had deadly consequences.

ABC-7 archives showed a teenage girl was killed in April 2016 when she was thrown from a ride during a Catholic church festival in east El Paso.

Although investigators found no mechanical defects in that case, it did result in El Paso's bishop ordering a moratorium on carnival rides at church events.

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