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Wounded Warriors Project brings veterans from around the country to El Paso

wounded warrior project ride

EL PASO, Texas - The Wounded Warriors Project has brought together over 40 veterans from around the country to El Paso to participate in a soldier ride this week.

"You know I'm a disabled veteran 100 percent PTSD so to be able to get out be with my fellow comrades is and do something like this is a great stress reliever," says Steven Wright, an Army veteran with the Wounded Warriors Project.

The 4-day event starts with soldiers being fitted with bikes and state-of-the-art equipment for those unable to use a standard bicycle. The first ride covering over 10 miles starting at El Maida Shrine and ending at Memorial Park.

"A lot of us get out of the military and it's hard to transition and really move forward with life especially when it comes to needing resources," says Army Veteran Aaron Davis Jr. 

While many in the group were visiting El Paso for the first time, a few local veterans weren't going to pass up a chance to meet 

"Meeting new people, getting a good network, so we can all help each other and that's basically what it is," says El Paso native and Army veteran Edwin Sirin.

All the expenses for the group were covered by the Wounded Warrior Project including custom bikes and travel. 

Army Veteran Deknesha Hayes was overjoyed to be taking part in the ride saying "I just love being a part of anything that has to do with soldiers, warriors because that's my passion that's my heart that's who I am."

The Warriors will have their final ride together on Friday at Fort Bliss if you are interested in taking part in future rides you can click here.

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