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UTEP Registrar: A Laura Michelle Loweree attended for a semester; no graduation record

EL PASO, Texas - The Registration and Records Department at the University of Texas at El Paso has a record of a Laura Michelle Loweree attending UTEP for a single semester in the Fall of 1990, but does not have any other record of a Laura Michelle Loweree attending or graduating, ABC-7 has learned.

Mickey Loweree, a current El Paso Independent School District board trustee for district seven, is seeking re-election after being appointed to finish a former trustee's term. Records obtained by ABC-7 show Mickey Loweree's full legal name is Laura Michelle Loweree. 

The president of the El Paso Chapter of the American Federation of Teachers claims Loweree is not a teacher and did not graduate from UTEP as Loweree claims.  The second sentence of Loweree's EPISD biography reads as follows: "Ms. Loweree earned a bachelor's of science degree from the University of Texas at El Paso." 

"It's a matter of integrity," said Ross Moore, the union president. "You want people that can be trusted to manage your funds.​"  Moore further stated, "This was an insult to educators.  This was an insult to all people who went to UTEP and earned their degrees."

Her campaign spokesman, Carlos Sierra, told ABC-7 last week Loweree will release her degree, credentials and records proving she worked at EPISD but won't do so until after the election.

Sierra told ABC-7 Moore is playing politics. "He's had it out for her for a long time," said Sierra, "This dates back to before this campaign. He's taking this to a whole other level."

ABC-7 asked Sierra if Loweree attended UTEP under a different name. Sierra said he would need to check to confirm. 

Loweree also claims she taught at the El Paso Independent School District for ten years, a claim also included in her biography on the district's website.  ABC-7 obtained Loweree's employment record with EPISD through an open records request. The documents do not support her claim.

Loweree has declined ABC-7's multiple attempts to seek clarification. During Monday night's board meeting, ABC-7 once again approached Loweree for clarification. She declined to speak on camera as she left the meeting.

The EPISD records ABC-7 obtained show Loweree worked at EPISD some time between 2002 and 2004, including participating in a program called 'Moms Visiting Moms'. ABC-7 is also seeking clarification from the district.

Loweree is running against Daniel Call. The school board election is May 4th.

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