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Rabbis organize protest at Tornillo Port of Entry

Midwest religious groups visit Borderland

Tornillo Protest

El Paso, TX -   A different type of caravan made its way to the Borderland on Thursday.

 Religious groups from across the country came to El Paso to protest what they believe are injustices at the border.

   The pilgrimage was dubbed "Let our Families Go."

    The group of rabbis and members of their congregation began their tour in Juarez at the Paso Del Norte Port of Entry.

      At the bridge they saw where the migrants had been staying  as they waited to seek asylum.

     They also saw first hand the law enforcement presence at the bridge.

      The group then headed to Tornillo where they held a vigil for the children who are being held at the detention center.

    They called on the government to close it down and to reunite the children with their families.

     Marisa Limon, Deputy Director with the Hope Border Network is hopeful that the tour will open more eyes to life on the border and the problems the migrants face.

 "To share this knowledge, to demystify what it is to be a border person," Limon said. "Its super helpful for them to go back home to talk to friends, neighbors, congregants about the realities that they are seeing here."

   Rabbi Josh Whinston came all the way from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

  Whinston says it was his third visit to Tornillo and that he felt a need to share the experience with others.

He also wanted let the children, who are being detained, know that they are not alone.

  "It's important as they're coming in here on buses that they see us," Whinston said.  "Out here with signs saying that they need to be reunited with their families. With signs of solidarity with them, they need to hear that from us and know that they are not alone. Even if they feel alone, they are not alone."


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