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Electronic cigarette concerns continue to grow

Rising concerns over ecig use in youth

El Paso, TEXAS - Educators and health experts are looking for new ways to fight the flood of electronic cigarette's in schools across the country.


Various local and national health groups have gone on the record calling the use of E-cigs an epidemic issue that is the most prevalent and the most dangerous amongst young people.


While some people pass off vape pens, E-cigs, and Juul products as being safer alternatives to traditional cigarette's, doctors have found that they can stunt brain development in people 25 and under.


And according to Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently reviewed dozens of reports on seizures suffered by e-cigarette users, mainly in young people.


Additionally, teachers have noticed an increase in pen usage amongst their students, who have become drawn to the devices convenience and variety of colorful flavors.


“It is the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes and young people are going through these very quickly so they do not realize how many packs of cigarettes they could be smoking and inhaling these vapors in one day," said Bianca De Leon from the Paso Del Norte Health Foundation.


As the devices have become more prevalent, they have also become harder to spot as many types are easily hidden or even mistaken for a USB thumb drive.


“There is a lot of confusion I think about what these products are and what they look like," said Leon. "There is quite a few of our partners that are doing some education and that is certainly something that we are looking as well.”

Leon added that Paso Del Norte is now seriously considering new steps through which to meet with and consult El Paso schools officials about how to raise awareness and educate kids about the risks involved with the devices.

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