What is at stake under proposed smaller bond in El Paso

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EL PASO, Texas - Voters made their voices heard without casting a single ballot, and city leaders listened.

Several city council members shared their constituent's concerns about a proposed, almost billion-dollar-bond saying it likely would not be approved.

Representatives found a way to slash that bond by more than half, with the new proposed bond now set at $413 million dollars.

Sunday on ABC 7  Xtra, host Saul Saenz speaks with the city manager, as well as police and fire chiefs.

Under the new proposed, smaller bond, only two departments benefit from an approved bond. 

"The voters were expressing to me that the items combined with streets were too much, too big. and they were focused on the size, and they said, no we can't do that," said El Paso mayor Dee Margo.

Slashing the bond also means some city services taxpayers count on, like streets, health and animal services, will not be funded by the approved bond.

If approved, the bond will help the city build a headquarters for El Paso police which is currently housed inside a former department store.

"Remember, they're in a building that was built in 1947 as a Sears and Roebuck. The parking garage has collapsed for all intents and purposes." added mayor Margo.

Also, getting a new headquarters with an approved bond will be the El Paso fire department.

That department headquarters is housed in a downtown bank building where visitors must dish-out money for meters. 

Police and Fire chief's share their concerns, as well as the public safety risks if the bond is voted down.

Watch ABC 7 Xtra Sunday night after ABC 7 at ten.


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