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NMSU sells close to half of purchased tickets ahead of Arizona Bowl

By the end of the day on Monday, New Mexico State had sold more than 2,200 tickets of the 5,000 the office has purchased so far, a spokesman for the ticket office confirmed.

But don't worry!

“Even if we run out of those 5,000, we can order more from the Arizona Bowl," said Patrick Kennedy, the ticket manager at New Mexico State.

“We’ve been saying for years that if we go to a bowl game, we’re going," said Warren Russell, who plans on buying 50 tickets for friends and family. He graduated in 1994.

At the office on Monday, a number of prominent alumni, including graduates of the football program, buying tickets after Saturday's win.

“It’s an amazing feeling that these kids are able to fill a void that we weren’t able to fill," said Marcus Allen, a former NMSU wide receiver who graduated in 2012.

Allen happened to run into his former teammate, Jamar Cotton, at the ticket office Monday. Cotton is a former linebacker who graduated in 2010.

"These kids believed in the program," Cotton said. "They bought into the program. They bought into the coach. It wasn’t about individuals; it was about a team.”

Both alumni saw Saturday's victory in real time. They said the energy of the stadium was unmatched.

“It was the loudest I’ve heard the stadium actually," Allen said.

“If you’re mentally out of the game, and you hear the crowd, you hear your family, you hear everybody cheering you on, you forget about fatigue and everything else," Cotton said. "It gives you a boost of energy."

Many elected officials in Las Cruces attended New Mexico State at some point or another, including Mayor Ken Miyagishima.

“I’ve been to a lot of Aggie football games, but this one was a thriller," Miyagishima said. Oh my goodness, it was just really going down to the wire.”

Miyagishima bought his tickets just before Sunday's Aggie basketball game. 

City Councilman Gill Sorg also bought tickets after witnessing the incredible win.

"It was electric," Sorg said. "Everybody was just cheering and so excited.”

Allen and Cotton gave tremendous praise to the program and Coach Doug Martin, for an accomplishment that their teammates never saw.

“He’s able to do something that no other previous coach has done in 57 years," Allen said. "That’s mind-boggling."

“This is the end product to what he’s brought to this program," Cotton said. "I think he’s done an excellent job.”

The NMSU ticket office, near the Pan American Center, is selling tickets for $50 and $25. Because the official tickets have yet to come in, the office is selling reservations right now.

"(There are) plenty of tickets to take care of everybody," Kennedy said.


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