New Mexico

Walmart will no longer sell guns in New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico - Walmart stores in New Mexico will stop selling firearms July 22, according to an official with the retail giant. The news comes just one day after two new gun laws took effect in the state.

Tiffany Wilson, director of communications for Walmart, said the new law would require Walmart associates to handle and potentially store handguns and modern sporting rifles, which are types of firearms that Walmart does not sell and associates are not trained to handle or render safe.

“Unlike a specialty sporting goods retailer where customers expect to see firearms of various types being handled, Walmart customers do not generally expect to see individuals walking through the store potentially carrying multiple firearms, which can lead to confusion and potentially putting both our customers and associates at risk,” Wilson said.

Wilson also said that Walmart is not currently equipped or designed to conduct background checks for private-party transfers under New Mexico's new firearms law.

The new gun laws that went into effect July 1, would require any person buying a gun to go through a background check, whether they purchase from a gun store, neighbor or friend.

The other law would prevent anyone convicted of domestic violence or with restraining orders – from purchasing or possessing a gun.

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