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Sierra County Resolution: No to asylum seekers; Trump asked to shut down border

Sierra County Resolution No to asylum...

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico - Commissioners in Sierra County, New Mexico approved a resolution "opposing the relocation of asylum-seekers to Sierra County" and asking President Trump to close the border.

Sierra County Manager Bruce Swingle told ABC-7 the opposition isn't political or racist. The County just doesn't have the resources to handle asylum seekers, Swigle said.

County leaders warned that if federal authorities release migrants in Sierra County, there are no buses, rail stops or commercial flights to transport them to sponsors elsewhere. They also described their community as impoverished and said the resolution is about good governance.

"We don't have a Red Cross.  We don't have a United Way.  We don't have the resources here to address it," Swingle said, "The government can only carry so much weight, and we certainly can't handle the financial responsibilities."

Swingle said he has visited El Paso, Las Cruces and Deming, all places that have allocated resources to accommodate migrants. 

The Sierra County resolution is also calling on President Trump to close the border to immigration.

"We certainly realize the consequences regarding commerce, so we don't want to do that," Swingle said, "However, this crisis has to end and we have to stop the border…. Southern New Mexico will not be able to sustain this much longer." 

If Border Patrol or ICE does decide to drop off migrants anyways, Swingle told ABC-7 they will do what they can.

A spokesperson for Customs and Border Protect told ABC-7 they do not plan to release any asylum seekers in Truth or Consequences.

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