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ONLY ON ABC-7: Years of domestic disputes preceded Hatch double homicide

911 calls shed light into strained relationship

ONLY ON ABC7 Years of domestic...

HATCH, New Mexico - ABC-7 has obtained dozens of 911 calls, recorded over the course of two years, that show a history of physical and verbal abuse between a suspect and victim in a double homicide case. 

The majority of the calls involved disputes between murder suspect Cristal Cardenas and the victim, her now deceased ex-boyfriend, Mario Cabral.

The calls came in concerning or from a property on 4220 Doña Ana Road. Cardenas appears to live at the property, but Cabral insisted in the calls that he owns it.

Deputies arrested Cardenas and her current boyfriend, Luis Flores, in late March for the murder of Cabral and his current girlfriend, Vanessa Rodriguez Mora. The bodies of the victims were found on a Sunday morning in late March. 

There were a total of five 911 calls on one day in April 2015. Cardenas told the operator her ex-boyfriend, Cabral, had rammed his truck into her vehicle and was chasing her down San Ysidro Road.

"He ran me off the road," Cardenas said.

Another caller reported she witnessed the chase.

"They're going at least sixty miles down the street," the caller reported.

In September 2015, Cabral told a 911 operator Cardenas had driven his truck into a ditch. The two escalate into a verbal argument that can be heard in the recording.  "Stay away from me, Cristal," Cabral can be heard saying.

Over the course of the 911 calls, both Cardenas and Cabral disclosed to operators that they have restraining orders against each other.  "I have problems with my ex," Cardenas told an operator on February 12th, 2016.

Calls also indicate violence between the two suspects in the double homicide. On one call in June 2015, Cardenas told an operator that Flores hurt her and she was bleeding from her mouth.

Cardenas and Flores are being held without bond while awaiting trial in connection with the murders of Mora and Cabral. If convicted, they could spend life in prison.

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