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Las Cruces school board to discuss superintendent's 'possible resignation' amid recall effort

Superintendent removal

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico - In a special meeting planned for Tuesday, the Las Cruces Public Schools Board of Education will discuss the superintendent's employment, including a "possible resignation," according to the district's website.

Last week, board members voted to give Dr. Greg Ewing a $5,800 raise, bringing his salary to almost $186,000.

"I'm honored to ask for that amount," Ewing told the board.

The superintendent has had multiple contract extensions since he was hired in November 2016.

However, board members Terrie Dallman and Maria Flores abstained from last week's vote. According to a source familiar with the votes, that was the first time the board did not make a unanimous decision concerning Ewing's contract.

The board has now called for a special meeting. Members will discuss "possible action regarding Superintendent's employment, including on any resignation and other contract matters (i.e. terms and conditions of employment)."

As ABC-7 has previously reported, the majority of board members are facing a recall effort by a group of former educators called 'Enough.' A Las Cruces judge found probable cause in June that members may have violated the Open Meetings Act and the Inspection of Public Records Act.

However, the district appealed that ruling immediately after. Months later, the New Mexico Supreme Court has not issued a decision on whether the recall efforts can continue.

"The recall and the purpose of the recall was always to address the conduct of the board members and their lack of transparency and their failure to properly supervise the superintendent," said Caralyn Banks, who represents the group seeking the recall.

If Superintendent Ewing is fired or resigns from the district, Banks said her group will not abandon the recall effort.

"Just because the superintendent changes doesn't mean that (the board's) lack of doing their job is going to change," Banks told ABC-7.

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