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Las Cruces patron denied alcohol, leaves profanity-laced receipt with no tip for server

Las Cruces patron denied alcohol leaves profanitylaced receipt with no tip for server

LAS CRUCES - A waiter at the Game Bar and Grill was shocked to receive a customer receipt laced with profanity and no tip after he denied serving the patron alcohol, the owner of the restaurant confirmed.

Marci Dickerson then compensated her employee for the missed tip, posting a photo on Facebook that went viral. She said the server denied the patron's girlfriend alcohol because of an expired license.

"He wrote a very nasty note about the fact that this person - my server - should have broken the law in order to serve (her)," Dickerson said.

"I’m glad that the owner of the establishment took care of the waiter (and) gave him a nice tip," said Dow Farley, a customer who had experience in the service industry. "You go about your day. you can’t control what they say.”

Dickerson said she was shocked at the outpouring of support on her Facebook post, which had more than 100 shares, almost 600 likes and almost 200 comments as of 2 p.m. on Tuesday.

"I was shocked personally that that many people came out and responded," Dickerson said. "But I think that also shows that there’s a certain behavior that you should have when you go out.”

On the receipt, the patron wrote "f*** you" and "serve her next time."

When ABC-7 visited the restaurant mid-afternoon on Tuesday, there were many off-duty bartenders and servers from other restaurants. Nearly everyone had some experience in the service industry.

"I think it’s incredibly disrespectful," said Sarah Boothe, who works in the service industry. "At the end of the day, if you have an issue with your sever, you need to bring it to their attention or to management’s attention. It doesn’t have to be handled in such a disrespectful manner."


"Serving is our lifestyle; this is our job," said Nick Baca, who also works locally. "When you are degrading us in a way, it kind of makes us feel like scum, like we’re below anything else."

“These servers are people, they are employees, they are hard workers, they are dedicated," Dickerson said. "And you know what? They’re not going to break the law for you.”

Shortly after this story was published, the customer reached out to ABC-7 via Facebook messenger. He alleged the waiter was rude and using profanities. Dickerson denied the allegations.

"This particular employee, this particular server does not (have a very colorful vocabulary)," Dickerson rebutted. "He is a very calm man, very proper, very respectful."

Dickerson recommended that if conflict does arise between a server and a customer, the patron should seek out the restaurant's management instead of leaving a profane message on the receipt.

"If I was called one of those names by a server, I would alert a manager immediately, or at any end, I would have just walked out," Dickerson said.

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