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Former Doña Ana Sheriff Todd Garrison plans to run for sheriff in 2018

Former Doña Ana County Sheriff to run

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico - Former Doña Ana County Sheriff, Todd Garrison, told ABC-7's New Mexico Mobile Newsroom he plans to run for sheriff in the upcoming election.

Garrison, a Republican, was first appointed sheriff when Juan Hernandez stepped down due to health issues in 2005. 

Garrison served the remainder of Hernandez's term and was later elected to two four-year terms as sheriff of Doña Ana County.

Termed out, Garrison was unable to seek reelection in 2014. Voters that year elected Enrique "Kiki" Vigil to office.

According to a document posted on Doña Ana County's website, some of the highlights of Garrison's term in office include: the expansion of the DWI program, the arrest of the suspect involved in the murder of Katie Sepich, and the prosecution of Gino Ferri, convicted for a triple homicide in Mesilla in 2010. 

"This is a hard job and it's even harder to find good people who are willing to do it for little pay," Garrison said when he left office in 2014, "One of the hardest things to accept is that we will lose good, trained deputies to outside agencies willing to pay them more money."

That same problem continues to plague the Doña Ana County Sheriff's Office, still losing deputies it trains and develops to other law enforcement agencies. 

ABC-7 has reached out to Sheriff Vigil to learn if he will seek reelection in 2018. He could not be reached in time for deadline. 

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