New Mexico

ABC-7 gets answers to concerns about non-working fire hydrants in New Mexico town

Fire hydrant issues

ORGAN, New Mexico - Residents of the small town of Organ, located about 15 miles east of Las Cruces, have expressed concerns about fire hydrants in their neighborhood not working following a suspected arson fire last week that destroyed part of a home and a shed.

Based on ABC-7's report Thursday about a non-working hydrant just a block from the fire scene, the general manager for the Rio Grande Public Water Works Authority came out in person to the neighborhood on Friday to check the hydrant.

"Because of the comments we received from you guys and from some of the local residents, we said maybe there really is something wrong with it." said Martin Lopez. "There was a misunderstanding. The hydrant we had out of service is actually located right up the road at b and second. This one at b and third is operational, it's just the fire department wasn't able to get the caps off."

Meantime, the chief of the Dona Ana County Fire Department told ABC-7 that approximately 85-percent of the county doesn't even have fire hydrants. As a result, fire crews always take lots of water with them wherever they go.

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