Mayoral Candidate Arrested On A Felony Charge

(Editor's note: Court documents show the allegations related to Operation of an Unlicensed Alarm Company and Subterfuge have been deleted from the public record. Mr. Catucci was not indicted. Documents show the following offices in El Paso County agreed he was entitled to the expunction of those records: El Paso sheriff, county attorney, county clerk, district attorney, district clerk, Records Management & Archives, probation, court administration and jail magistrate.) Mr. Catucci was also tried and acquitted of Theft by Check on Feb. 13, 2003.


Mayoral candidate, Alexander F. "AlFrank" Catucci has been arrested for the second time since he announced he's running for mayor in El Paso.

Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission officials arrested Catucci Thursday morning at about 9:30.

A TABC spokesman tells ABC-7 they have charged Catucci with falsifying a state document and allegedly making misleading statements or facts on the TABC application.

That is a criminal third degree felony. The TABC says the investigation is on-going.

The TABC application has to be turned in before getting a liqour license. Catucci co-owns and manages The Loft and Mini Bar on Mesa Street.

Catucci, 42, says he is not aware of having made any false statement.

The penalty of the felony charge is a fine not to exceed $10,000 and possible jail time in a state prison that must not be longer than 10 years or shorter than two years.

Catucci was arrested back in October for allegedly running an illegal security company.

Catucci has denied all charges.

The election is on May, 9.

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