Lisbeth Garrett sentenced to 45 years in prison in husband's 1977 murder

EL PASO, Texas - Update:  El Paso jury has sentenced Lisbeth Garrett to 45 years in prison in the 1977 murder of her husband.

Original Story: The sentencing phase began Thursday for Lisbeth Garrett.

Garrett, 76, was found guilty of murder on Wednesday in the 1977 stabbing death of her husband, Chester Garrett.

She faces 5 to 99 years or life in prison, but is eligible for probation as well.

The prosecution called one of Chester's sisters to the stand where she was asked to describe her brother.

She said Chester was a "sweet and kind person" and that she felt "lost" after his death.

She also spoke about Chester's time in the Army - where he was awarded the silver star, the distinguished flying cross among other medals.

During the questioning, Lisbeth continued to take notes and did not appear to show any emotion.

Earlier in the morning, ABC-7 heard Patrick Garrett talk to his friends in the courtroom about Wednesday's guilty verdict and he said "It was a long time coming" and "very bittersweet."

Patrick, who is Lisbeth's son, testified for the prosecution in the murder case against his mother.

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