Juarez murders on the rise in 2016

CD. JUAREZ, Mexico - In Cd. Juarez, the city is still recovering from being considered the murder capital of the world.  but it seems killings have been on the rise.

The Juarez government says there’s a good reason the rising violence hasn’t been out in the open.

“Most killings are cartel members, not spreading out to the public,” said Juarez mayor, Armando Cabada.

Now, Juarez is a very different picture than just a few years ago, streets filled when they were once empty.

Back in 2010, at the height of the drug war, 3,776 people were murdered in Juarez.. Five years later it went down to 256. This year up by nearly 300 murders, the official count at 524 people killed

Numbers, the mayor said, they’re working to get back down.

“The state police and municipal police are coordinating so they can work together, keeping the city safe,” he said.

The high number did not deter people from going out, business owners told ABC-7, business was not affected by the murders.

The city says there's no reason to panic.

“With the violence staying between cartels, American’s shouldn’t have anything to fear and can come over safely,” Cabada said.

Juarez press report 54 of the victims in 2016, about 10 percent, were women.

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