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West El Paso family's security system mistakenly linked to Lower Valley bar

Security mix up

El Paso, Texas - A west El Paso family was surprised to find out when they activated their new Vivint security system that it showed them the inside and outside of a Lower Valley bar.

Monica Castro, who does not own a bar, couldn't believe what she was seeing.

With a little detective work though, she found out the name of the bar and where it was located.

"The reason why we were able to see the business is because we zoomed into the camera and saw the name of the business inside. ​​​So I told my husband, 'you know what, I think we should just go down there and talk to them and let them know what is going on,'" she said.

The El Escandalo located on 7573 Alameda were also having problems with their new Vivint security system.  

Apparently their alarm was being turned on and off.

When the Castro family arrived to explain what was going on, it all made sense to the Maria Elena Garcia. Garcia is the manager of the bar and also lives behind the establishment.

The Castros and Garcias both decided to get an alarm system after the massacre that took place Aug. 3 at the Walmart in east El Paso.

Vivint though was not able to fix the problem immediately; they contacted both parties and eventually came to an arrangement.

The company said in a statement, "We take these matters very seriously.  We have corrected the error and are working directly with the customer."

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