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Video of 5-year-old boy singing National Anthem at Chihuahuas game goes viral

Jacob Martinez National Anthem Superstar

EL PASO, Texas - Video of a five year-old boy singing his rendition of the Star Spangled Banner to open up last Sunday's El Paso Chihuahuas baseball game has gone viral, circulating across the internet among hundreds of thousands of watchers.

There can be no doubt that Jacob Martinez stole the show with his honoring of America on June 16 at Southwest University Park before the Chihuahuas played the Oklahoma City Dodgers.

According to the Chihuahuas’ original Facebook post that day highlighting young Jacob, he delivered “the most adorable Father’s Day rendition of the National Anthem you’ll ever hear.”

Since then, the video has been viewed more than 47,000 times on the Chihuahua's Facebook page.

ABC News and Good Morning America even shared the video on Wednesday, both on social media and the network's national website, quickly racking up more than 258,000 views.

Jacob's family said he learned the National Anthem after he was asked to perform it for his Head Start graduation ceremony. 

"(My wife and I) showed him the song, he learned it little by little. Memorized it more than anything and remembered the pitches because it's a pretty hard song to sing," Gilbert Martinez, Jacob's father, said. 

When asked if he was nervous singing in front of the Chihuahua's crowd, Jacob simply said a little. 

His father said otherwise.

"(My wife and I) were probably more nervous than him. He (had) no idea what's going on. He just goes up there and sings. He's just waiting on home plate waiting to sing and they told him to go and he didn't even look back at us or anything the confidence came out of nowhere."

Jacob comes from a family of musicians. His mother is a singer and his father plays the saxophone. 

"My daddy plays some music with a group...and I try to copy him," Jacob said. 

 His family said he soaks up music like a sponge. He doesn't just sing, he plays the piano and the trumpet. 

Jacob said his favorite artists are Bruno Mars and Freddy Mercury. 

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