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Tre's Ride

Tres ride

El Paso, Texas - John Mack Jr. did not hear happy Father's Day over the holiday, instead he carried a memory very few could ever forget.

His son, John Mack III, or Tre had battled all his life.

Being born with spina bifida and other hurdles, just learning to walk proved to even his doctors they were wrong about the childs resolve.

Tre overcame meingitis as a new born that took the majority of his hearing and vision.

Even his family had their doubts when he related to them he wanted to graduate from high school.

When he walked across the stage with a diploma in hand it was not known who was prouder, Tre or his father.

Then the cancer came.

Starting in his kidneys, it grew fast spreading to his lymph nodes.  Then even Tre may have known the fight might not be unwinnable.

Around this time he became fascinated by dirt bikes and ATV's.  Possibly influenced by his brother.

He let his father know that if it were possible, a ride out into the desert would be something he would never be forgot

Jamil Moutran who runs Texas Rescue Patrol was told of Tre's story and remembers what went through his mind that moment. "I immediately knew this was something we had to do," Moutran said. 

Along with running Texas Rescue Patrol, Chief Moutran also owns Rent an ATV Off-Road Adventure located at 15698 Montana.  A place that rents all types of motor vehicles used to explore the Red Sands Park just behind the establishment.

Moutran voulenteered his team, vehicles, gasoline and led the tour.

Tre rode with his father on a four wheeler, the paramedic rescue team in a jeep equipped with all types of life saving gear in case of an emergency and the Chief led the party in a 4x4 ride along.

A quarter of the way into the journey Tre's body began to fail him so his father took over driving duty.  Tre then sat next to Moutran in the lead vehicle.

The rest of the tour consisted of trail rides, a tour of some of the fossils located in the hills and driving along the crest of the dunes one in front of the other.

Tre recovered and decided he wanted to drive the 4x4 Moutran had been piloting.  With haste he was loaded into the drivers seat and led the caravan back.

Back at the base Tre carried a grin with him that started at one ear and carried along to the other.

When asked about the ride he said, "I feel pretty good, I mean one hell of a ride, and I loved it.  I loved when the wind was blowing and the sand was knocking my face out.  It was just amazing."

It was amazing, and a ride no one who went will ever forget.

A litte more then a month later the cancer in his lungs took his life.

His father, John Mack Jr wanted the people at KVIA and the staff at Rent an ATV Off-Road Adventure how much he appreciated what they did for his family.

It was a memory of joy the Mack's used to beat the feeling of sorrow they may have felt over the holiday.

Jamil Moutran with Rent an ATV Off-Road Adventure can be reached at 915-855-4288.

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