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Community proves in wake of shooting that Sun City is 'El Paso Strong'

Local business give back to mass...

EL PASO,Texas - If you drive up and down the streets of El Paso you'll notice signs reading, "El Paso Strong." Small gestures like that are only a few ways that the community of El Paso is coming together to show support to the victims and their family after Saturday's tragic shooting.

For some people, writing a poem about the beauty of our city is how they are choosing to express their emotions and show their love for the city they grew up in.

Students and staff with SISD wore white on Monday to honor the victims and show their support for the familes as well.

For Nichole Castañon, it was a heartwarming moment when she noticed her young children, Jaxon and Presley, sitting outside of their home trying to sell their toys to help the children who got shot at Walmart.

Jimmy Montemayor wasn't born in El Paso but he has lived here for thirty years now. Monday he spent his afternoon standing outside on the corner of Zaragosa and George Dieter holding a sign that rea, "El Paso is love. Embrace love." 

Local businesses are also lending a helping hand to victims and their families. 

Armando Garcia, owner of Evolution Foods, grew up in El Paso. After Saturday's events he knew he had to give back to not only the victims and their families, but first responders and those who donated blood as well.

"If we can raise any money to help anybody then we are gonna do it, but not only the victims but the El Pasoans who are also doing their part. The first responders and the people donating blood," said Garcia.

Evolution Foods, which is located inside of Burritos Crisostomo on Lee Trevino, is offering those who helped during the mass shooting a free meal prep.

"El Paso made us really. Without any El Pasoan coming to our business we don't have a business. De la raza for la razo. For our people. This is our city. If they didnt believe in a little guy with a dream we wouldn't be in existance. So it's our responsibility to give back," said Garcia.

The owners of Chuco Relic, a local clothing store, knew that they had to help out as soon as they heard about the shootings.

"Everyone was trying to figure out a way to help so I think when it happened we all took a moment to pause and say, 'What can I do?" said Chelsie Evaldi, owner of Chuco Relic.

Evaldi teamed up with the owners of Viva La Mocha, husband and wife Monica and Charlie Monarrez, to come up with the design for their "El Paso Strong" shirts.

"We were watching everything that was happening and I immedietly told my husband to grab his computer," said Monica.

Both shops have already made thousands of t-shirts and they continue to receive orders. All profits from the t-shirts will be donated to the El Paso Community Foundation.

Local stores are not the only ones who have stepped in to give proceeds to victims and their families.

Kendra Scott El Paso will be giving back 20% of all sales across the country to the El Paso Community Foundation as well.

"We believe that giving back is important so that's what we want to do for our El Paso community," said Iliana Silva, Marketing Manager for Kendra Scott of El Paso.

Giving back to the community is at the core of the Kendra Scott Brand and for Silva, an El Paso native, knowing that her company will be helping her hometown is something she is proud of.

"I would have never imagined in a million years for this to happen. This is my home. These are my people. This is my community," said Silva. 

Brittany Marie works with Sun City Chalkers, a DIY and home decor business. Marie and her team of women decided to honor the victims and their families that were effected in the shootings by hosting a live Facebook auction and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to all of the families.

The team of women have already raised over $900 through their Facebook auctions.

Twenty local funeral homes across the city will be also be helping the families by covering all funeral service costs for the victims including transportation to those that live in Mexico and out of El Paso.

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