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Texas Senate approves bill that makes it harder to remove Confederate monuments

Bill places limits on removing Confederate monuments

A bill that would require a public vote to remove any monuments older than 25 years will soon head to the Texas House of Representatives.

"What we're talking about is allowing the public with older monuments - the public that lives in those cities - to have a voice," said State Sen. Brandon Creighton of Montgomery County, the author of the bill.

Some legislators accused Sen. Creighton of making it harder to remove Confederate monuments.

"Do you disagree or do you deny that the Confederacy was organized under the ideals of white supremacy?" asked State Sen. Jose Rodriguez of El Paso.

"The fact that you would even ask me that question, I think, and I've never said this before, that's personally ridiculous that you would ask me if I agree with that," said Senator Creighton.

El Paso has several lingering reminders of the Civil War and tributes to Confederate figures. Some include:

  • Robert E. Lee (Confederate Army Commander)
    • Robert E. Lee Road
    • Lee Elementary School
  • Major Simeon Hart (led El Paso's vote to join Confederacy)
    • Harts Mill
    • A monument near the border barrier
  • Judge Joseph Magoffin (Confederate Army)
    • Magoffin Homestead
    • Magoffin Avenue

"I don't think they should be removed," said Bernie Sargent, an El Paso Historian. "I think there should be a history segment placed on them as to what that particular monument meant."

Sargent told ABC-7 that Confederate landmarks and history sites should be an educational tool.

"That's not to say that slavery was a good thing," Sargent said. "It was absolutely an abhorrent piece of our history. It's a black eye. But black eyes heal. We have to teach people that slavery's not a good thing."

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