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Texas Parks offer hiking tips for winter visitors

Hiking safety tips

EL PASO, Texas - It’s an annual tradition: Texas Park rangers take a group of hikers up a trail in the Franklin Mountains. The Parks service says they hope more people look to our parks if they’re trying to get more exercise in 2018. With more visitors it’s important everyone stay warm and safe so they enjoy their time hiking

“In the winter definitely dress in layers depending on th3e weather changes. It can drop, be a sunny day, and all of a sudden the temperature’s dropping and becoming real cold,” said Esteban Macedo, the Wyler Tramway Lead Ranger.

Those layers are even more important in the winter. Even though it may feel cool in the city, it’s very cold on top of the mountain. Once you actually make it to the top the winds are just nonstop.

“Shoes are important, something with traction, preferably hiking boots. Something that will support the ankle is very helpful. I carry a hiking stick, trekking poles are also a good plus,” Macedo said.

Always make sure you take plenty of snacks and water, at least one gallon per person for a full day and on’t forget to carry extra if you’re bringing children along.

“Depending on how old the kid is, it’s probably good to get them started a little bit. If they have their school backpack to carry a little something, but not much. I think it’s important for the parent to carry most of the load,” recommended Victor Grado who was hiking with his son.

When it comes to furry friends, keep them on a leash and bring a bowl to help them drink water.

“Just have good control over them and make sure they’re healthy. You want to make sure they’re healthy and they’re for this kind of thing, you don’t want to bring a little dog who’s not used to this weather,” said Mirella Coggins, hiking with her one-year-old puppy.

In the end make sure you’re safe, have fun, and call 91 in case of an emergency.

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