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Stull writes letter to Miner basketball fans

A letter for Miner fans

University of Texas at El Paso Athletic Director Bob Stull recently sent a letter to Miner basketball fans. In the letter Stull adressed UTEP basketball's "difficult" year and the frustration UTEP women's basketball coach Keitha Adams, UTEP men's coach Tim Floyd and players have felt.

"The fans would like to hear a little more from him, just to get us(fans) out there and truly support. I think his presence would be a good acknowledgment from fans," Arlene Perez said.

Stull also quickly reminds basketball fans of past accomplishments made by both men's and women's basketball teams. Future endeavors for the team are also listed. Stull touts seven new players have been signed onto the men's team for next year.

"We can't really go any lower than we are right now. The only thing I think they are going to do is improve," Perez said.

In the letter Stull says, "Strong fan support and a loud Haskins Center is what we need to help get back on track."

"They need to get on the ball. Many of us have been supporting them for a long time and it's not the fans. I think they have to have a little bit of a shake up too," said ticket holder Carol Cruz.

Stull ends the letter with his thanks for fans' support.

Some feel the letter might be a attempt by Stull to 'beg' fans to attend.

"They are getting very desperate about attendance, it has never been this bad," Cruz said.



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