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Some residents worried about unleashed dogs at local parks

Unleashed dogs at local parks

El Paso, TX - El Paso City Parks are a great place to take your dog for a walk, especially this time of year when the sidewalks may be too hot for your dog’s paws. However, some local residents are concerned about other owners letting their dogs off leash.

There are plenty of fenced in dog parks around El Paso that are perfect for letting your dogs run wild, but ABC-7 spoke to one woman who said her dog was charged by another unleashed dog at Yucca Park, which is not a designated dog park.


El Pasoan Yolanda Lopez takes her dog, Toby, to either Album or Yucca park every day and she says she always finds numerous dogs unleashed. While most are not aggressive, some are.


"The dog just charged at me when I was going towards him, he jumped up and got his little tail. But I was able to protect him. The second time I was walking by the ballpark, he was on an incline and I didn't see him. When he saw Toby he just charged down and I had a dog fight in my hands."


ABC-7 reached out to the City of El Paso and they told us that your pet must be under direct physical control in a public park that is not a designated dog park. You can report violations to animal services by calling 3-1-1. They also recommend taking pictures or video of the offender and keeping track of the time and place of the occurrence. The fine for not keeping your pet under direct physical control can be up to $2,000.

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