El Paso

Some El Paso gas stations unable to sell fuel

Gas stations without fuel

EL PASO, Texas - ABC-7 has learned that some El Paso gas stations were spotted without operating gas pumps Friday. 

Some of the locations that displayed signs saying they were not carrying unleaded gasoline were 7-Eleven stores on Mesa and Brentwood, Alabama and McKellington Canyon, U.S. 54 and Fred Wilson and Dyer and Thomason. The 7-Elevens at Mesa and Festival and Mesa and University were completely shutdown.

ABC-7 contacted Alon, the gasoline provider for 7-Eleven stores, and was told that the company would no longer provide gasoline for the convenience store. Alon officials said Delek USA would now be the provider. 

Phone calls to Delek USA have been returned.   

Some of the convenience stores weren't taking credit cards at the pumps. 

Average gas prices in El Paso are currently $2.96 per gallon. 

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