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Mustang mysteriously crashes into westside El Paso home

Car runs into home

EL PASO, Texas - A car slammed into a home in west El Paso late Monday morning, but exactly how it got there is a mystery for now. The Mustang could be seen lodged into the house at 6205 Camino Alegre.

The teenage owner of the vehicle told police he left the car parked outside his home up the block while he went inside for a moment.

The teenager said when he came back out he discovered the Mustang missing before noticing it crashed into a house down the street.

Police were looking into whether the car was stolen and a thief drove it into the neighboring home before fleeing.

Authorities at the scene said there were no injuries from the incident.

It was one of two separate cases Monday involving a Mustang crashing into a building. The other happened on the city's east side, where a 26-year old man is charged with drunk driving and speeding after crashing into an auto parts store.

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