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Multi-million dollar bond on El Paso's November ballot aims to improve public safety

Public Safety Bond

EL PASO, Texas - The public will vote on a multi-million dollar public safety bond this election cycle. Two public meetings were taking place Tuesday where voters can learn more about the proposed 2019 Public Safety Bond.

The $413 million bond will fund projects and improvements for both El Paso Police Department and El Paso Fire Department.

The bond would devote more than $191 million to the fire department for new facilities, more resources in growing neighborhoods and improved training facilities.

The bond would give police close to $222 million for increased community policing and a new academy to help future growth of the force. It would also fund the building of a new Eastside Regional Command Center, which is expected cut response times in far east El Paso.

"This directly attacks response times. I want to be very clear, it's not like we're going to dramatically go down by seven, eight or 10 minutes, but it is going to alleviate other parts where they provide services," said El Paso City Manager Tommy Gonzalez.

If approved, the bond would raise property taxes. The city estimates that for every $100,000 your home is worth, your property taxes would rise by roughly $12 each year for six years.

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