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McCroy's Pharmacy closing after 60 years in El Paso

McCrorys pharmacy closing

EL PASO, Texas - McCrory's Pharmacy is closing after serving the El Paso community for over 60 years.

The west side family-owned business was sold in 2015 to the Dallas-based company Dougherty's, which has now decided to close the store as of June 12.

Employees said the competition from CVS and Walgreens hurt McCrory's business. Nonetheless, customers are sad to see their longtime pharmacy shut down.

"Well, the biggest problem is that Mccrorys is a compactor and that's what we come here for. There's not very many around, and they do an excellent job, and they were certified by all the right people, so we will have to find another one and that's not always easy to do," said customer Tom Dawson.

If you do have a prescription at McCrory's, you will now have to go to the Albertsons pharmacy at 7022 North Mesa to have it filled.

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