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Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick sits down exclusively with ABC-7 after Trump visit to El Paso

Full interview with Lt Gov Dan Patrick

EL PASO, Texas - After meeting with President Donald Trump, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick sat down exclusively with ABC-7 to discuss the conversations about the mass shooting at the Cielo Vista Walmart between state and federal legislators. 

Gov. Greg Abbott stated that roundtables would be held around the state to discuss issue like domestic terrorism, gun control, and even websites that possibly promote racism. 

Patrick told ABC-7 the roundtables are expected to begin in two weeks. One is expected to be held in El Paso. 

Patrick said a special state legislative session will more than likely not occur due to the 2020 election year. 

"Sometimes, if you try to have a special session in the middle (of an election year), what happens is both Republicans and Democrats, right and left, go to their corners to win their primary or win their election, and they take stands that sometimes they can't, then walk back," Patrick said. 

Patrick said special committee's will meet for what they call interim charges starting in the fall to prepare legislation for the next regular session.  

Abbott announced the state of Texas will give $550,000 to law enforcement reimbursement. $5,000,000 will go to psychological first aid, state behavioral health services, county reimbursements, school-based mental health services, a family resiliency center and post critical incident seminar.

"I've been to El Paso many times, I just love this town," Patrick said. "Our heart breaks for everyone in El Paso." 

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