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How I-10 has changed since GO 10 construction started

How I10 has changed since GO 10...

EL PASO, Texas - The GO 10 highway construction project is over halfway done.

The $158 million project spans nearly 6 miles on I-10 in West El Paso.

Since 2015, the way drivers navigate the highway has changed dramatically.

"We're probably on the order of 75-80 percent completed at this point," TxDOT District Engineer Bob Bielek said.

Here's a timeline of major project milestones:

July 2016:

Paisano Bridge

The Westbound Paisano Bridge over I-10 near Sunland Park is demolished. Work on new bridge begins.

August 2016

Bridge to Nowhere

The Bridge to Nowhere, also known as the Buena Vista Bridge, is demolished.


November 2016

Construction on new Resler Flyover Ramp begins


February 2017

Paisano/Doniphan Connection

The Paisano/Doniphan connection opens, providing an alternate route to I-10.

March 2017

I-10 Eastbound Mesa Overpass

The I-10 Eastbound Mesa overpass is demolished. Traffic moved to the median of the overpass.


April 2017

GO 10 reaches 50-percent completion


October 2017

Resler Flyover Entrance Ramp

The old Resler Flyover Entrance Ramp to I-10 is demolished. New ramp opens for drivers.

February 2018

I-10 Westbound Mesa Overpass

The I-10 Westbound Mesa Overpass is demolished. Traffic moved to the median of the overpass.


The biggest changes drivers will see in 2018 will be the demolition of the Sunland Park flyover entrance ramp to I-10 East. The Sunland Park bridge will also be extended. Bielek said the worst closures will be around the Summertime.

"Bear with us as we go through this last stage because it's going to be really great once we finish," Bielek said.

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