El Paso

First responders throughout state to sign and deliver Texas flags to El Paso Fire Dept.

WILSON COUNTY, Texas - First responders around Texas plan to sign and deliver a pair of Texas flags to first responders in El Paso. The effort is a show of support in the wake of the Aug. 3 mass shooting.

The two Texas flags are being driven around Texas for the public and first responders to sign, according to the Wilson County News.

The man behind the initiative is Michael Gomez, a former paramedic who lives in San Antonio but is an El Paso native.

Gomez is visiting Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Dallas, Waco, Austin, Houston, Lubbock, and Odessa for signatures.

After those trips are completed, Gomez and a small group he's organized will deliver the flags to the El Paso Fire Department. His sister, Lisa Moralez tells ABC-7 that the delivery will take place on Aug. 23.

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