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EPPD: Suspicious packages left outside homes in Cielo Vista area linked to malware site

El Paso Police are investigating several calls involving suspicious packages left outside homes in the Cielo Vista area.

Police said officers located a total of 62 packages, which consist of a plastic baggie with white rocks, a piece of paper with the word "ALPHA" and other
words and phrases written on it along with a URL link to a website. 

Police said some people reported a white powder in the package, which investigators believe is residue from the white rocks in the package.

"At this time, there is no indication that the package contains any hazardous material," police said in a news release.

Detectives with the Special Investigations Unit learned the same types of incidents have been occurring in other cities, police said.

The detectives learned that visiting the website listed on the paper in the suspicious packages can lead to unwanted malicious activity on your computer.

"There is potential for malware when visiting any unknown websites and it is recommended to have anti-virus software on your computer or device," police said.

If you encounter one of the packages, dispose of it accordingly.  If you have information about the packages or those responsible, please contact the Special Investigations Unit at 915-212-4151.

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