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EPCSO's annual Safety Town teaches children outdoor safety skills

Safety Town

EL PASO, Texas - It's summer break for most kids and that means more time outdoors.

The El Paso County Sheriff's office wants to make sure kids are safe this summer especially when playing outside. This whole week the Sheriff's office is holding their annual Safety Town event at their headquarters.

"We host safety town in the summer when the schools are out. It's for children ages 4 to 7," explained Sheriff's Deputy Josie Ramirez.

This is the third year Deputy Ramirez has been running the Safety Town event which provides children with various safety topics.

"We do 911 emergencies traffic and pedestrian safety, stranger danger, gun safety, things of that nature," said Deputy Ramirez.

For the kids, Safety Town is a way to have fun while learning important outdoor safety tips.

"I learned to always war a helmet when you ride your bikes. And whenever you cross the streets don't be on electronics dont be dont be paying attention to something else because you might have a crash or something," said Brooke Archer who participated in the event.

While Safety Town teaches children about safety, it also gives them a chance to feel comfortable around the deputies.

"It's importasnt to also let them know that us as deputies we're here to help. We're approachable and thats another reason I love this program so much because it teaches kids that we are approachable. We are here to help and we're not scary and they can approach us if they need anything," said Deputy Ramirez.

Safety town will be going on until Saturday June 15. If you would like to register your child CLICK HERE.

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