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El Paso shooting victims funds not distributed until December; FBI investigating fraudulent claims

Fraudulent claims

EL PASO, Texas - Over $5 million has been raised for victims of the Aug. 3 Walmart mass shooting, but the group managing the donations says a strict vetting process recommended by authorities will keep funds from being distributed until December.

Stephanie Karr is the director of One Fund El Paso, which is the combined fund of money raised for victims and their families by the El Paso Community Foundation and the Paso Del Norte Foundation.

She said 100% of the money raised by the two foundations will go directly to surviving victims and families of the deceased, but added there will be an online application process in the near future to allow for vetting of those claiming to be entitled to money in order to catch cases of fraud. (You can learn more about this by watching the video report at the end of this article.)

In addition, she said the FBI is currently investigating a number of other groups who have fraudulently claimed to be raising money for victims. (You can learn more about this by watching the video report at the top of this article.)

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