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El Paso Public Library offers free events for students on spring break

El Paso Library offering Spring Break...

EL PASO, Texas - Many students across the borderland are enjoying spring break this week. For parents, trying to keep their child busy throughout the week can be a struggle, but The El Paso Public Library is offering free events this week to help ease the stress for parents.

Annabel Alicea decided to hop on the city bus this morning with her sons to keep them busy during a week of no school. 

"It's a great resource to come and find activities that the city provides," said Alicea. 

Her sons age range are from 7 to 14 making the public library a good place to find something all her boys could enjoy.    

"You know, here at the library it's for all different ages," said Erika Fibela, the El Paso Library Services specialist. She said during the spring break season, attendance goes up at most libraries.

"It's very important, mainly because it's free. You know many families are on a budget. We have multiple kids," said Fibela.

For Stephanie Bennion and her four children, the library is an escape from screen time.

"I think sometimes in our busy lives and screen-addicted society we forget about the library. It's still kind of an amazing concept that you can get books for free and there's things that are kind of exciting that can encourage your kids to spend more time away from looking at screens," said Bennion.

The El Paso Public Library will still be offering all its standard programs all week. Young kids can enjoy story time which includes reading and doing crafts. Teens can enjoy "teen hangout," where they can play video games, talk with friends and have snacks at the library.

For spring break, the library will have some special events happening for kids of all ages. 

"A very important thing that's going on here is how to be a responsible digital citizen here at the main library. It's how to become a digital superhero or how to be a responsible user of social media of computers," said Fibela.

That event has limited space so the first 35 attendees who arrive will be able to enter a raffle for a chance to win a free robotic arm.

So, if you're on a budget but want to enjoy spring break outside the house, the El Paso Public Library can be a great escape for you and your children.  

CLICK HERE for more information on all the free events the library has to offer or to find a library near you.

CLICK HERE to check out The El Paso Public Library's Facebook page.

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