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El Paso police will no longer escort funeral processions due to collisions

EL PASO - Following a recent spate of collisions, El Paso's police chief announced Tuesday that his officers will no longer provide escorts for funeral processions.

The moratorium will begin on June 7.

Chief Greg Allen said the ban would "remain in effect until such time that the practice is reviewed and changes or modifications (are) implemented to improve the safety of the escorting officers."

Police officials planned to hold a meeting in the near future with funeral home directors to discuss the situation.

Allen's decision comes after two officers suffered serious injuries as a result of being struck while escorting funeral processions over the past three weeks.

One of those victims, Officer Daniel Rodriguez, underwent surgery after being injured on May 23 when an SUV cutting through a procession struck the officer on his motorcycle.

An officer was also killed in a funeral procession four years ago.

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