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El Paso Historic Landmark Commission puts brakes on EPCC parking garage

EL PASO, Texas - The El Paso Historic Landmark Commission voted 5-3 to put the brakes on a plan to build a parking garage on the El Paso Community College Rio Grande Campus at a meeting Monday. 

Our news partners at the El Paso Inc. reported that the parking garage was planned to be built where a historic Queen Anne home once stood. 

Around 18 years ago, the house was demolished.  

"You can't just tear something down then go 'oops, sorry we tore it," said commissioner Samuel Timble. 

Only rubble remains, but the land still has an "H overlay," meaning the Historic Landmark Commission has to approve any new construction plans. 

"Removing a designation, whether it was your forefathers or not, is one of those things that, for me, you know, you can't get it back," said Timble.

Read the full story, here.


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