El Paso

El Paso group rallies in "March For Our Rights"

March for our Rights rally

EL PASO, Texas - A group of El Paso Conservatives set up a March for our Rights rally in San Jacinto Plaza Saturday morning.

Organized by the El Paso Republican liberty caucus, the March for Our Rights started with nine people at Houston Park, saying they wanted to speak in defense of all rights.

Carrying signs, flags, and some rifles, the marchers made their way to San Jacinto Plaza, chanting as they went along.

Growing to 24 people once they reached the plaza, organizers gave the stage to speakers, with organizers varying from open carry advocates, to homeschool and marijuana backers.
After Saturday’s school shooting in Santa Fe Texas, organizers say their message hasn’t changed.

“Yesterday’s shooting is not the first shooting we've had occur. Again, we need to teach people that we need to encourage freedom, and people are worried that they can’t trust other people with freedom because they have fear and ignorance. And they have fear that people they don’t know won’t be responsible with guns, and they won’t be moral with their liberty. We need to get away from taking away rights from people who haven’t broken any laws,” said James Peinado, with the Republican Liberty Caucus.

A similar march was scheduled to be held in Los Angeles and about 20 other cities nationwide Saturday.

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