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El Paso DA to seek death penalty for Jason Gibson

El Paso DA wants death penalty for Jason Gibson

El Paso, TX - The man charged with killing two people in El Paso on Thanksgiving 2018 is set to appear in court.

Jason Gibson is facing charges of capital murder, aggravated kidnapping and aggravated robbery.

District Attorney Jaime Esparza has stated the he and his office will seek the death penalty in this case.

Gibson has been held on more than $2 million bond in the El Paso County Detention Center for more than five months.

Police believe it all began with a home invasion in Las Cruces. 

According to law enforcement officials, Gibson kidnapped a woman and forced her to drive him to El Paso.

Once there, Gibson allegedly broke into a second home, shooting the three family members inside and killing two of them.

Gibson then allegedly fled fled the state and was later arrested by U.S. marshals in Florida.

ABC-7 looked into the Texas Department of Criminal Justice's database for more information about inmates on death row.

There are currently 219 inmates total with 10 of those being in El Paso County.

There are five executions scheduled so far in 2019.

Getting to death row is a long and serious process that begins with the presumption of innocence.

The District Attorney's office filed the paperwork on May 8 and Thursday at 10:30 a.m. will be the first time they appear in court since they notified the judge and Gibson's attorneys.

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