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'Biggest Dallas fan in the world' has Cowboys football field in back yard of El Paso home

Dallas Cowboys Superfan build replica field in backyard

EL PASO, Texas - EDITOR'S NOTE: Jose Hernandez has corrected his statement. Hernandez said that six months ago, a company named Homie Striping painted the football field.  Hernandez said that he has touched up the paint since that time.  He originally claimed he built and painted the field himself. ABC-7 reached out to Hernandez for clarification after receiving reports Hernandez hired a company to paint the field in his backyard.

He considers himself to be the biggest Dallas Cowboys fan in the world.  His veins run blue with the love for his team - and he has the backyard to prove it. 

“I’m a die-hard Cowboys Fan, Super Diehard," Hernandez told ABC 7. He said there is not a bigger fan than him anywhere. 

Jose Hernandez, who lives in El Paso, turned his entire backyard into a miniature replica of The Dallas Cowboys football field.

Hernandez said, ‘When I moved here five years ago, I thought, I’m going to make a field, and I did it. Me and my son (who) helped me out, we did it with our own hands." He said it was very hard work.   

“We just painted the lines, drew the lines, measured it," Hernandez said, "Me and my son bought the goal posts from around the street, we carried it down the street and we dug it by hand.”

Hernandez said the reward was worth all the hard work. “It’s a dream come true," he said, "being little, being a Cowboy’s Fan, We did it”

Hernandez told ABC 7 that it took two to three day's to complete the field, then another couple of days to put the goalposts in the end zones. “We finished this, the day after they (Cowboys) lost to the Titans and after that, they haven’t lost except for one game." 

Every hash mark is strategically placed in perfectly measured increments.  In each end-zone, you can find scaled-down uprights.  The end zones are painted with 'Dallas' on one end and 'Cowboys' on the other.  The field even has yard line numbers painted on in white. 

Hernandez said that it's not just for show, he actually made the field for his grandkids, “Kids can play on it," He explained, "But you gotta be five (years old) and under.”

And what Cowboys field would be complete without the blue star at the 50-yard line? Jose Hernandez has thought of everything. 

Hernandez made sure that he was able to show some love to his friends and family, “I wanna give a shout out to my granddaughter, she’s in Greeley. My daughter Sophia, my son in Dallas, because he’s a die-hard Dallas fan, and to all the guys I work with. Love you guys.”


Tune into ABC 7 at 10:00 for the full story. 

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