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Beloved El Paso teacher remembered, mourned by students after losing cancer battle

Mrs Godwin

EL PASO, Texas - As her obituary read, "Even when she was wrong she was right."  Karen Godwin fit that to a T.

When she liked you, she liked you.  Fiercely loyal to her students and family, you always had a place at Mrs. Godwin's table.

Vowing to always be there for her grandchildren, Mrs. Godwin would spend the first years of all of their lives by their side helping her daughters.

It was apparent to all that knew her the 32 years of teaching made her wiser than most all.

Mrs. Godwin was one of the first to teach at the new Franklin High School back in 1993.

Her understanding of young teenage problems gave her an instant connection to students who couldn't hide the issues they were facing.

Social media meant Mrs. Godwin could connect after pupils graduated or moved on in life.

You could always count on a happy birthday message from Mrs. Godwin.

After battling breast cancer and winning her friends and family felt she was invincible.

Then another mass was found in her chest.  The tumor took her ability to speak.  When she announced that all attempts at combating the disease had been exhausted and the next step would be quality of life, everyone was stunned.

No one thought it would be a month after that post she would pass on, but she did.

People mourned from all over the world.  Her funeral was broadcasted online so those from other countries could morn together with her family friends.

Laura Strelzin Bagley (whose father Paul Strelzin was Mrs. Godwin's Principal when she taught at Lincoln Middle School) remembers her fondly.

Bagley was in Mrs. Godwin's first English class that 1993 semester at Franklin High School.

Mrs. Godwin's influence led Bagley to join the ranks of fellow teachers.

Bagley taught alongside Mrs. Godwin until she retired after 32 years of service to EPISD.

Regarding Mrs. Godwin's death, Bagley said with tears in her eyes, "I hope that when the gates of heaven opened for her, My father was there to welcome her in."

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