El Paso

Artist traveling cross country in crocheted SUV stops in El Paso

Crocheted SUV

EL PASO, Texas - Ever crocheted a vehicle?

For crochet street artist, London Kaye, this isn't her first rodeo. She's crocheted a school bus and a hauler truck for TV commercials and ad campaigns.

Now Kaye is traveling across the country this summer with her sister in a crocheted SUV, sponsored by Caravana, an online car dealership. The crocheted SUV made a top in El Paso on Friday.

She says the goal of her trip is quite simple: to spread happiness. In each city where she stops, Kaye puts up a yarnbomb inspired by the city and passes out handmade crocheted hearts to locals.

She is filming her trip and uploading it to YouTube.

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