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ABC-7 Xtra: What's next in the fight over Duranguito?

ABC-7 Xtra: 7.29.18

EL PASO, Texas - The fight over Duranguito was taken to the Texas Historical Commission. 

This past week, ABC-7 was in Amarillo where the commission heard testimonies from representatives of the City of El Paso and local preservationists about a dozen Duranguito properties and their case to be designated State Antiquities Landmarks (SAL). 

On Thursday, the commission's advisory board voted unanimously to not grant SAL recognition to those areas.

The following day, ABC-7 reported that the commission would hire an attorney to look into the case before making any decisions. 

The Duranguito neighborhood is the proposed site for a new Downtown mutlipurpose arena, which was passed by a 2012 bond election. 

But, activists like Historian Dr. Max Grossman have been fighting to preserve the Duranguito neighborhood, citing its historical significance to El Paso. 

On ABC-7 Xtra, host Saul Saenz will speak with individuals who were in Amarillo to give their stance on the issue. 

Archeologist Dr. David Carmichael and the City of El paso's architect, Laura Foster along with assistant City engineer Yvette Hernandez will discuss what's next in the Duranguito saga.

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